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As most people are aware, Americans drive on the opposite side of the road to Australians. In terms of car configurations, this means that their cars are left hand drive, while our cars are right hand drive.

For those looking to import American vehicles – particularly classic cars – this raises the question as to whether or not you have your car converted. By law, it’s legal to drive left hand drive cars in WA, NT and ACT, providing they are over 15 years old. In NSW, VIC, QLD and SA, it’s also legal providing the vehicle is at least 30 years old. If your car is considered a collector’s item, and your left hand drive car is registered with a particular car club, you may also be able to drive it legally – as long as it’s roadworthy of course!

While it can be legal, many classic car owners choose to undertake a conversion. If you are driving your car regularly, it’s certainly something to consider. Many people find that it’s simply much easier to drive once converted – and it’s also safer.

Specialising in Mustang right hand drive conversions, Griffs is able to undertake high quality conversions. Our process is based upon producing a mirror image, ensuring all original details and features are maintained. We strive for authenticity wherever possible, however we do work in accordance within the relevant regulations and therefore in some cases alterations do need to be made in the name of safety.

While right hand drive conversion kits are available on the market, we recommend speaking to a conversion expert in order to ensure the job is done properly. If you are looking for motoring enthusiasts who carry out right hand drive conversions in Australia, look no further than the experienced team at Griffs.

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