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griffs1 If your dream car is something from the past, then you will find that we are kindred spirits here at Griffs American Auto Parts & Restorations. Whether it’s a classic Ford Mustang or any other muscle beast from the past, we understand their unique appeal and the special attention they need.

Specialists in genuine classic car repairs

Specialising in 1965-73 Mustang restoration, we understand these particular cars inside and out. From the motor through to the upholstery, our restoration jobs demonstrate fanatical attention to detail. Leaving no part of the service unturned, we are able to complete the job with precision and accuracy, supplying you with a vehicle that you’re thrilled to show off. Any Mustang restoration job completed by us will feature remanufactured original parts and detailing for a truly authentic vehicle that looks as though it has rolled out of a showroom circa 1970. We ensure the task is completed in authentic a manner as possible, so the integrity of the car – and the history and legacy of the Mustang brand – is not placed at risk.

Our classic car restoration difference

Don’t entrust your pride and joy with just any car restoration company – choose the enthusiasts who treat each and every car as if it were their own. At Griffs, we are truly passionate about muscle cars – it’s our life as well as our job. As such, we’re your premier source for muscle car restoration. We’ve worked in the field for a number of years and know the best way to treat your car, to get the most out of your drive and save you money in the long term. Passionate about our service, we always act in the most honest and professional manner to give you the restoration job that you deserve.

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If you are looking for muscle car restoration experts, we can assist clients from Melbourne, Sydney and most other parts of Australia. We’re dedicated to supplying the country with quality classic cars at the best prices, so you can fulfil your dreams. For more information, contact our friendly team today – we’re always happy to answer any questions you might have!.

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