1969 Mustang Fastback – John Wick

Description & Details

Another movie car replica in the build process at Griffs.

1969 Mustang fastback undrgoing restoration into a modified replica of the famous John Wick movie car.

The project consists of a complete RHD conversion utilising power rack and pinion steering, rebuilding of the 351W engine to stroker specs with approximately 550HP, Fitech EFI system, coupled to a new Tremec TKO 600 5 speed transmission transferring the power to a new Ford 9″ rear end with 3.5:1 Truetrac assembly.

Exterior colour to be gunetal grey with black striping as per the John Wick movie cars, black interior with some slight modifications to standard.

1967 Mustang GT Fastback – Eleanor

Description & Details

Transformation of another worn out and rusty 67′ Fastback to custom Eleanor specs.

This project will include complete body restoration, a RHD conversion with a ton of metalwork and fitting of an Eleanor body kit.

Driveline will be a healthy Supercharged Coyote engine through to a Tremec T56 6 speed manual transmission and final drive a Ford 9″.


1967 Mustang Fastback – Bullitt

Description & Details

What started as a worn out and rusty 67′ Fastback is now being tranformed into a brand new Bullitt clone.

The transformation will include the orignal rebuilt 390FE to stage 1 specs with the addition of Fitech Fuel Injection following through to a Tremec TKO600 transmission and final drive to the venerable Ford 9″ with 3.7:1 Trutrac.

A ton of metalwork as well as a RHD conversion has taken place to ensure this will be a sweet ride!

1971 Ford Ranchero

Description & Details

Another super cool project underway in the Griffs workshop.

1971 Ford Ranchero underging a RHD conversion as well as some upgrades along the way.

After disassembly for the RHD conversion the required sections in the engine compartment have been modified, RRS RHD power rack and pinion power steering system set in place.

The complicated job is modifying the dash sections along with the dash gauge cluster and dash pad for the RHD conversion which is quite a task and a brain teaser.

The dash pad will be finished and vacuum vinyl wrapped to complete the job.

We will also be adding a Fitech EFI system to the 351C engine and changing the transmission from the factory C6 auto to a purpose built TH700 overdrive transmission through to final drive being the factory fitted Ford 9″.

Also the addition of a complete air conditioning and heating system to a complete the interior creature comforts.

1956 Desoto Pickup

Description & Details

Q. What do you get when you cross a 1956 Desoto Pickup with a perfectly good driving Chrysler 300C?

A. One super cool Hemi powered, lowered custom pickup!

Keep watching this one for sure…………..

1987 GMC Caballero

Description & Details

The 1987 GMC Caballero is basically a brother to the well know Chevrolet El camino.

Here we have a super nice example to start the project in great condition. The project objective being to complete a RHD conversion.

First job was to remove the factory steering components and install RHD Retrorack power rack and pinion. Although there is no actual system available to directly “bolt in” we have managed to custom fit a system to work keeping the factory steering geometry by fabricating custom mounts to suit.

We also need to have custom sway bar made and fitted to complete the front suspension system which we are currently working on.

Next job will be to remove the engine, transmission, front sheetmetal and interior components.

From there it’s a matter of modifying the firewall, dash etc as required.

No doubt some custom fabricating coming up!


1970 Plymouth GTX

Description & Details

A great example of a very cool 70′ GTX  with a 440 engine and 727 auto.

A fresh import by our client but in need of some restoration which will include body and paint in its current factory colours and some general mechanical repairs which will be taken care of by the Griffs team.

The body has been stripped to bare metal and unveiled some older repairs in need of attention. We have sourced new those huge LH and RH quarter panels, 1 door, a new tail lamp panel and had to do some digging to find a pair of original fenders as new items are not available. A cool story in itself as the fenders were delivered to our CA depot compliments of a Road Runner clone with a trailer on the back! (check the pics)

As we have only just received the replacemnet panels we can now plan the next step.

1969 Mustang Mach 1 – R Code

Description & Details

1969 Mach 1 R code restoration.

This animal was previously converted to RHD many years ago and began to show some cosmetic wear and tear and the time has come for it to evolve into the 21st century!

Having already had some impressive upgrades over the years including a very healthy 427 CI monster and Tremec 5 speed transmission but needing to be fine tuned into a streetable vehicle.

Complete disassembly to the bare body shell, fixing of some old repairs to the underbody. The old RHD conversion certainly needed some love so the Griffs crew have fabricated a new custom firewall and rear inner skirts, the RHD dash has been reworked and repaired.

Shock towers have been notched to allow some much needed room for the headers. Mods to the header system to eliminate leaks so the Holley Sniper EFI oxygen sensors have some accurate readings to work with.

Some upgrades on the way include:

  • subframe connectors
  • billet hood hinges
  • Dakota RTX series gauges
  • electric windows
  • new hood with shaker assembly
  • addition of custom Heating and Air Conditioning system
  • sound system

1969 Sportsroof – Allan Moffat replica

Description & Details

Watch as this 1969 Sportsroof is transformed into an Allan Moffat 1969 Ford Mustang BOSS 302 Trans-Am replica!

Starting with a great base for a replica build the 69 sportsroof was imported specifically for the task at hand.

An enormous amount of research has been carried out by the owner as well as the Griffs team to bring the project together right down to replicating the BOSS 302 engine, interior, dash, gauges, rear suspension, fuel tank system and the list goes on.

A ton of custom design and fabrication has taken place.

Enjoy the ride as we progress!

1978 Pontiac Firebird

Description & Details

This example is one of the Gold editions and was previously converted to RHD when it came to Australia many years ago. The current owner has had the dream of seeing it back on the road with gleaming Gold colour for some years and now it’s time for the Griffs team to bring that dream to reality after being a stalled project. The Pontiac arrived at Griffs mostly disasembled and with many boxes of parts.

The right hand drive conversion has seen better days and has recieved some love with the addition of right hand drive power rack and pinion from Retro Rack. A complete new firewall has been fabricated and fitted by the Griffs team. The remainder of the RHD conversion has received an upgrade also including the dash.

The 403CI engine has been rebuilt many years ago and has now had a freshen up and Fitech EFI system added. The factory automatic transmission has been thrown over the shoulder and a freshly custom built TH700R4 transmission has been fitted in its place.

Bodywork and paint has been completed and we are now well into the reassembly.

Keep watching as the project takes shape………….


1959 Chevrolet Impala 2 Door Sport Coupe

Description & Details

The 59′ had previously undergone some restoration work in the home country USA and was later imported to Australia by its current owner. Having already had a healthy 383 stroker, 700R4 automatic transmission and other goodies implanted along with a nice standard interior, upgraded suspension and braking package it has all the bones for a cool ride.

The journey so far has engaged the Griffs team to completely disassemble the vehicle to its bare shell which was fitted to one of our rotisseries. The complete body and all panels have been garnet blasted where possible and the remaining paint stripped manually. This uncovered some previous older repairs that need to be addressed and also some rust repairs required.

To date the team has repaired rusted sections in both left hand and right hand A-pillars, complete floor section requiring the use of some parts from the owner’s collection of donor parts, new rear floor repair sections as well as fabricating new sections as required. We have also replaced those huge rear quarter panels, repaired wheel house sections, outer sill panels, trunk floor area and various smaller repairs around the body.

With the metalwork complete the next step will see the bodywork completed, final colour still to be confirmed. The chassis has also undergone some modifications mainly with strengthening. The chassis will be powdercoated prior to final assembly.

From there it is to be fully reassembled and ready to hit the road!

Keep watching for more progress………..


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