Completed Projects

1967 Mustang GTA Coupe

Description & Details

1967 Mustang GTA Coupe body and paint restoration.

The transformation of a GTA coupe back to its original factory delivered colour combination as delivered by Henry.

Disassembly began and unearthed some old time repairs which required replacement of LH fender, LH door shell, LH rear quarter panel, RH door shell and RH rear quarter panel.

Followed by complete strip to bare metal right through to laying down the factory Lime Gold Metallic exterior, fitting of the new white vinyl roof and black headliner.

Final reassembly completed and delivered back to the owner for the next phase n the restoration.

1968 Mustang Fastback

Description & Details

From USA to Australia then onto Mauritius, that’s how we roll at Griffs.

This super nice 68′ Fastback was specifically sourced as per customer requirements.

Purchased, imported by Griffs and RHD conversion completed for the new owner.

Now on the way to its new home in Mauritius!

RHD conversion completed using new Dynacorn RHD firewall, metal dash section, dash bezels, dash trims, upper and lower cowl sections and inner skirt.

Some upgrades along the way including Wilwood front disc brake system and billet Magum 500 wheels.

Detailing of engine, engine compartment and underbody.

1969 Mustang Mach 1

Description & Details

This 69 Mach 1 was purchased and imported by Griffs and then a RHD conversion has been completed for the new owner.

Some upgrades along the way including:

  • custom fabricated firewall to suit RHD
  • custom modifications to the cooling system by instaling the largest crossflow radiator we could fit in.
  • supply and installation of a 5 speed Tremec T5 World Class transmission and all parts required
  • Fitec EFI system complete with in tank EFI electric pump system
  • custom Heat and AC system to suit RHD conversion
  • custom made ceramic coated headers to suit RHD conversion
  • Retrosound Bluetooth stereo and custom fit rear sail panel speakers
  • engine compartment detailed

Full Victorian RWC, registration and VASS engineerng completed.

1965 Mustang Convertible RHD Conversion

Description & Details


1965 Mustang convertible LHD to RHD (right hand drive) Conversion.

Driven into the Griffs workshop as left hand drive and has been completely converted to RHD with Victorian engineers report (VASS) completed and full Victorian registration on behalf of the owner.

Vehicle was disassembled, all parts converted to RHD including, firewall, dash, wipers and steering system. The engine compartment was completely repainted in satin black and dash in white as per factory.

Also an upgrade to a complete heat and A/C system, engine bay dress up and replacement/repair of any items as required.


1967 Mustang Fastback Restomod

Description & Details

Delivered to Griffs as a rolling body with driveline and suspension in place. Some body modifications have also been previously done, namely the side rear quarter vents have been removed, shock towers have been notched, subframe connectors fabricated/fitted, rear fuel fill moved to LH rear quarter panel and right hand drive conversion using new Dynacorn RHD firewall, dash panel, upper/lower cowl panels with the upper cowl having the vent filled.

Powered by a 390FE delivering the power via a C6 auto transmission through to an RRS rear Coil Over 3 Link Ford 9″ system. Complete RRS front coil over suspension and brake package whilst steering is also an RRS RHD power rack and pinion system. Also featured in the braking system is an RRS under dash brake booster and master cylinder system.

The crew at Griffs were required to deliver the vehicle back to the owner as a running driving car ready for paint.

Work completed including:

  • final positioning of the engine, driveline and steering components
  • custom headers fabricated along with a full exhaust system from front to rear using mandrel bends and all welds polished
  • front ADR approved lap/sash retractable seat belts supplied and fitted with the retractor units being hidden in the rear quarter trim panels
  • custom aluminium radiator complete with twin thermo fan system requiring modification to the radiator support to allow more air flow
  • Kindigit Design door handles have been installed for a smooth door look
  • Classic Auto Air custom heat/AC kit has been fitted
  • fabricate and install custom electrical mount panel for the American Autowire loom
  • install radiator overflow tank and power steering reservoir
  • install Lokar automatic shifter system c/w shifter sender unit for Dakota dash
  • install Dakota Digital analogue dash
  • install Lokar accelerator pedal, trans kickdown and cable system
  • install Fitech EFI system complete with Holley in tank pump system
  • install keyless ignition start system
  • install E-Stopp emergency brake system
  • fabricate and fit all hard brake and fuel lines
  • install Mallory battery box to trunk
  • install American Autowire wiring loom
  • start engine, tune, test drive and check

Final VASS engineering for right hand drive conversion and modifications will also be facilitated by Griffs for Victorian registration.



1954 F100 Pick Up

Description & Details

1954 F100 pick up delivered to Griffs for a revival and transplant of a healthy new 5.0 Coyote crate engine coupled to a Tremec T56 six speed manual through to an all new Ford 9″ rear end.

Front suspension system is a complete IFS (independent front suspension) kit from Rodtech with power rack and pinion steering, 14″ Wilwood drilled and slotted rotors and 4 piston calipers to suit. Rear suspension will be parallel 4 bar with coil over shocks and Wilwood 12.19″ disc brake system to match the front.

Rolling matter is taken care of by Coys C33 solids in satin black, 18 x 8 front and 18 x 9.5 rears with Pirelli rubber.

The original chassis has been broken down to bare frame rails and boxing plates have been tacked in position and set up on our chassis fixture. The front suspension is sitting in place as is the rear tub, RH running board and RH front fender. Wheels and tyres are in place to set the final ride height, the rear of the chassis will have some mods to allow for the lower stance and suspension travel.

As the new steering is RHD (right hand drive) we also need to carry out a RHD conversion to the original metal dash and firewall.

Keep your eyes on this one, sure to be a crowd pleaser……………….



2017 Mustang GT Fastback

Description & Details

2017 Mustang GT Fastback upgrade including the following:

  • Whipple 750HP Supercharger kit, 132mm billet eliptical throttle body, manifold, injector upgrade, air box and intercooler system
  • Shelby performance handling package consisting of new lowered front struts, front sway bar, rear lowered coil springs, rear sway bar, caster/camber plates, adjustable toe rods
  • Rear drive shafts to handle the added HP
  • Eradispeed front and rear brake disc upgrade
  • Ford Performance –  Borla cat back exhaust system with dual quad tips and rear diffuser to suit
  • Heavy duty radiator
  • Shelby engine cap set
  • Shelby aluminium coolant resevoir
  • Shelby polycarbonate hood with vents
  • Shelby carbon fibre front splitter
  • Shelby upper and lower grille
  • Redline hood strut kit
  • Shelby carbon fibre rear spoiler
  • Shelby carbon fibre tail light panel
  • Shelby rocker panel kit
  • Shelby carbon fibre euro exterior mirror caps
  • Shelby carbon fibre gauge pod for centre of dash
  • Shelby sill plates
  • Custom Griffs floor mats
  • Shelby Venom wheels, 20 x 9.5 front and 20 x 10 rear with Pirelli PZero tyres with white lettering
  • Custom body striping painted from front to rear of vehicle

Coming soon, interior seat upgrade to Performance Ford Racing Recarro seats with Katzkin upholstery.

1968 Mustang Bullitt tribute

Description & Details

Delivered to Griffs as a rolling body ready for final assembly.

The tired 302W has been completely rebuilt in house with stage 1 camshaft, slight port work to the heads, stellite seats to suit unleaded fuel, bored, honed and fitted with forged pistons and moly rings. C4 transmission is also fully rebuilt with stage 1 shift kit and stall convertor to match camshaft and rear end gears. Rear end has had housing powder coated and diff centre rebuilt.

Complete driveline has been installed including a Borgeson Power Steering upgrade kit, front and rear disc brake system and complete exhaust system. Engine has been fired and run in.

Interior and AC system to be installed in 2018.

1970 Mustang Mach 1

Description & Details

Delivered to Griffs as rolling body. This 70 Mach 1 has already undergone complete bodywork and paint in metallic black with custom grey metallic Mach 1 style striping.

Also has had a RHD (right hand drive) conversion.

Now up to the Griffs team to carry out the finishing work for the RHD conversion and full assembly of drive train, interior and exterior.

Drive train is a built 351W, FMX transmission to suit and 9″ rear end. We have installed a Billet Specialties True Trac serpentine drive system to the engine to complete the package. Braking system is by Wilwood with front and rear 4 piston calipers and 320mm rotors.

An American Autowire wiring harness has been installed to handle the sparks for the power windows, power door locks, E-Stopp park brake system, Dakota Digital Analogue gauge pack and clock.

Interior has been trimmed with TMI Sport seat upholstery, matching sport console and custom brushed aluminium wrapped dash fascia panels and door trim inserts.
Gearshift is by a Lokar system which will display gear selected on the Dakota dash. Heating and A/C system is a custom fit Vintage Air unit.

Assembly is complete, engine has been fired and run in, road testing completed.

As usual Vass (Engineering) and Vic rego has been completed by Griffs

1969 Mustang Mach 1

Description & Details

Delivered to Griffs as rolling body. This 69 Mach 1 had already undergone some excellent structural repairs by the owner.

Rolling body has been completely disassembled, placed on one of our rotisseries, garnet blasted and epoxy coated. We have fitted new door shells, trunk lid and rear valance, all panel gaps have been perfected as required to all hang on panels, hood has had shaker hole cut out and hood pins fitted.

Custom front to rear sub frame connectors have been fabricated to blend with the existing front and rear frame rails, front and rear bumpers have also been modified to better fit the bodylines and shape, rear louvre and rear spoiler have also been fitted, rear valance has been modified to fit custom exhaust tips, radiator, thermo fans and A/C condenser have been test fitted and modified as required to fit.

Engine is a rebuilt 351C (Cleveland) coupled to a built C6 automatic transmission to handle the HP through to a Ford 9″ rear end with TrueTrac centre. Front suspension system is by Total Control Products and steering system by Borgeson. Upgraded rear suspension from the old school leaf springs to a triangulated 4 bar with coil over shocks to get the power down from the healthy 351C and provide a comfortable ride. Sparks are taken care of by MSD and complete American Autowire loom has been installed. Custom interior with TMI seat upholstery, custom brushed aluminium vinyl wrap to dash, door panels and console.

Bodywork and paint completed in custom Orange/Yellow Pearl with blackouts, final assembly completed, engine fired and run in, road testing and tuning complete.

1971 XY GT

Description & Details

Complete rotisserie restoration.

After a massive effort with the metal work, the bodywork and final paint in Track Red has been completed.

The assembly is complete, all new suspension and driveline are now fitted. Engine has been completely rebuilt, transmission rebuilt and they are both in their final resting place. Custom wiring loom has been installed and all new interior trim.

The 351C engine has been started, tuned and is ready to go!

Victorian Road Worthy Certificate and Vic rego are now completed, vehicle delivered to client and can now be seen on the road!

1964 Ranchero Pick Up

Description & Details

Wouldn’t this be cool for a shop truck!

Sourced and imported by Griffs for our customer this beauty has already had some upgrades but needs finishing off in a more tasteful manner.

Powered by a built 302W with a stage 2 camshaft, 4 bbl Holley and intake, complete MSD ignition system, C6 auto transmission, Currie 9″ positraction rear end, front disc brakes and air conditioning.

Ranchero has now been completely converted from LHD to RHD (right hand drive), bench seat has been replaced with bucket seats with factory blue trim, new door panels, carpet, dash pad and a Mustang style T-bar shifter has replaced the B&M unit. Engine bay has been repainted after the conversion and is now nice and neat.

Engineering (VASS), Vic RWC and Rego has been completed.

Ready to hit the road……..

1962 Studebaker Champ

Description & Details

Designed at a time when Studebaker’s truck line hadn’t seen major upgrading in over 10 years, the company, which had endured years of declining sales, was forced to use a number of existing components, but the result was impressive.

The chassis and cargo box of the Champ were basically the same as what had been used for Studebaker’s ½ and ¾-ton trucks since 1949, but the cab section was very different.

An entirely new cab was out of the question because of cost considerations, but the new Lark compact car’s body proved to be just the right size and shape to suit the purpose. The engineering staff took a four-door sedan, cut it in half behind the front doors and modified the front half slightly to fit the truck chassis. The only new sheetmetal stamping that was required was the back wall of the new cab. Minor modifications for mounting of the cab to the 1949-vintage truck frame were also made.

The Lark’s front end sheetmetal was retained as well, but funds were allocated to give the Champ a new horizontal-bar grille that delivered a “tougher” look.

From the start of production, those desiring V8 power could choose between Studebaker’s 259- and 289 in³ engines with either a two- or four-barrel carburettor. Both engines remained largely unchanged during the Champ’s production run.

The LHD to RHD (right hand drive) conversion has been completed, we have used some parts from a donor Australian delivered RHD Champ which has worked out great.

The project has now seen the install of a complete IFS (Independant front suspension) system with power rack and pinion steering and disc brake upgrade. This has allowed the stance of the Champ to take on a whole new look. In keeping with the theme we have also upgraded the rear suspension to a Ford 8″ assembly.

The old 4 speed truck box has been thrown over the left shoulder to be replaced by a new T5 manual transmission complete with hydraulic clutch. We have adapted the T5 to the factory bellhousing and it was specially ordered with the front shift position to suit the factory champ floorpan and bench seat.

No doubt by far the most impressive upgrade has to be the addition of a factory 1957 Studebaker Hawk Supercharger kit to the engine, we were lucky enough to be put into contact with the right people to find these rare parts!

The interior has been completely retrimmed in red/cream to match the exterior colours. We have also fabricated a custom hard tonneau cover from aluminium to cover up the cargo.

As usual we will complete the Engineering (VASS) certificate as required and fully register the Champ.

Stay tuned to see what happens next………..

1970 BOSS

Description & Details

This amazing vehicle was constructed in USA and Griffs arranged shipping from Texas to our workshop for final preparation, paint and full assembly.

This is very much a custom build and no stone has been unturned during the build process.

Build concept is factory look BOSS in stealth mode, being fully streetable with the ability to throw it around a race circuit or hill climb.

It features a custom built 428CI small block stroker engine by Leon Patton Race Engines in USA with a Kinsler/Motec fuel injection system coupled to a custom built 4 speed 4L80E automatic transmission with paddle shift at the steering wheel.

Powering through a custom 10.5″ full floating rear end assembly built by Cone Industries USA. Steering, front and rear suspension is by Total Control Products and has been tweaked of course by Cone Industries.

As vehicle will be fully Engineered and registered in SA it has also undergone a RHD conversion during the build. Interior is also modified from standard but still retains the Mustang look. Custom dash , gauges, console and Cobra seats are a certain feature.

Vehicle has been completed and is currently undergoing the process for registration in SA.

What an amazing vehicle to drive, handles like a true sports car, unbelievable power and it gets the power to the ground exceptionally well without fuss or hesitation. Best of all you can drive on the street without any issues. The transmission is set up with two driving modes; at the push of a button you can switch from “pick up the shopping mode” to “let’s go racing” mode.

1956 F100 Pick Up

Description & Details

Right hand drive conversion completed, dash has been modified as required, new RHD power steering rack and pinion has been installed along with positioning of steering column. Brake booster, master cylinder and pedals have been relocated to RH side.

Custom inner fenders have been fabricated for an even smoother, clean look, radiator support has been replaced and modified, all front sheet metal has been modified to make the section a complete 1 piece front clip. Factory cowl vent has been filled and smoothed out and complete new burst proof door lock system has been installed.

New Roush 427CI stroker engine has been installed, custom headers have been fabricated to suit application. AOD transmission and Ford 9″ rear end make up the remainder of the drive train. Wilwood disc brakes front and rear handle the stopping power.

All interior components have been fitted, push button start, remote door lock system fitted, electric window mechanisms, electric park brake, steering column, Glide Engineering seat, Lokar shifter and dash cluster.

We have also designed and manufactured a custom tailgate insert with “FORD” lettering, what a work of art!

To complete the rear tub section a hard tonnaeu lid has been added with electric actuators for opening and closing and match painted to the body colour.

The F100 Chassis was put through its paces and has undergone a torsion and beam test as part of Engineering. The complete chassis was powder coated in black as well as all suspension components.

The body work and paint has been completed and looks amazing.

The Glide Engineering seat asssembly and door trims were trimmed in Ultraleather, csutom healiner and rear of cab covers also custom trimmed.

Final assembly is done including the beautiful interior which looks a treat and is extremely comfortable and very usable.

Also had a feature in issue 201 June 2017 Cruizin magazine.

Keep an eye out on the roads around SA soon for this amazing piece of machinery!




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